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What is a 301 Redirect? What is a 302 Redirect? What is a 307 Redirect?

The 301, 302 and 307 redirect codes automatically rout the search engines and users from one domain or web page to a new domain or web page. The 301 Redirect is a permanent move. The 302 and 307 Redirects are temporary moves.

Why use 301 Redirects?

  • A 301 Redirect allows the old domain to pass on the rankings, other credit, and legitimacy it has acquired to the new domain.
  • Automatically directs a user or search engine to the new location of a page that has moved. This is necessary when a website restructures, moves commonly viewed pages, or sections are changed.
  • Redirects the non-www (domain.com) domain to the primary www.domain.com or vice versa, as the case may be.
  • Redirects all the alternate domain names you may have (.net, .biz, .mobi, etc., as well as the plurals and abbreviations of the primary) to the primary domain.
  • Redirects alternative domains to sections of a website. This is often used for promotional purposes. This facilitates many marketing campaigns online and off and provides the ability to track them as well as customize domains for an audience. Also, this can be used for eBay and other stores where you don’t have full control over what is displayed as the domain.
  • Redirect other alternative domains that are industry relevant but have not been used. Give them legitimacy and use them now with redirects!
  • You have just purchased a new domain with existing traffic and search engine rankings. Using a 301 Redirect code ensures that the primary domain name will assume the rankings and other credit.
  • Vanity Domains: Domains that point to special parts of your website or for special promotions. Example: kitchenlights.com pointing to the section of your lighting store that deals with kitchen lighting.

Why is a 301 Redirect better than a 302 or 307 Redirect as it relates to SEO and Website Rankings?

  • Redirecting your domains can be a tricky process. If done incorrectly, it can mean a loss of rankings for the domain being transferred. Any domain that appears in the address bar is seen by the search engines as a separate domain. The search engines penalize duplicate websites, multiple domains, and improperly handled redirects.
  • To achieve the best rankings and to ensure longevity, it’s very important to make certain your domains are directing traffic to your website legitimately. The 301 Redirect is the only way to do this.
  • A 302 or 307 Redirect is seen as temporary by the search engines. They do not transfer any gained credit and seem to wipe the slate clean on that domain until it is in a permanent location, at which time they will reassess the domain.

ConsultingAce Domain 301 Redirect Services Save You Time and Money

We will setup a mini hosting account and code each 301 redirect by hand and then verify each one. We will maintain the 301 service as long as you would like. We can even change the location of the 301 redirect upon request.

Term: Annual
Setup Fee: $15 per domain
Monthly Fee: $3 billed yearly
Change Request: $15 per instance.

Guaranteed to verify or your money back!

Orders over 15 qualify for bulk discounts!

Please Contact Us for more information.

Don’t Be Fooled

Beware of false 301 Redirect advertisements! Just because they say it’s a 301 Redirect does not make it so. We have seen some of the largest domain vendors selling 301 Redirect Services only to find that they use a 302 to point to a 301 which points to your website. The redirects used are correct, but because of their improper way of doing the redirect, there are NO benefits (such as rankings) passed along to the new domain. Always verify that a 301 Redirect was done correctly.

Note: Domain 301 Redirect services provided by ConsultingAce only work with whole domain names. We do not redirect internal web pages to other locations within the same website. This type of 301 redirect code should be done internally. Just make sure it validates and is error free!

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