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Our technical experience began with ARPANET and BITNET – almost 20 years before the World Wide Web / Internet became a household commodity. The founder, Andrew Calderella, after having successfully piloted several business service ventures from supply to recruiting, moved quickly to embrace the oncoming Internet revolution by recruiting a team of highly experienced professionals from industry leaders and moving his businesses online. By the mid-90’s, many clients were also looking to move their brick and mortar businesses online and were in search of guidance on how to be successful.

As the Internet bubble would later prove, it takes more than simply putting up a website to be successful online. People have to be able to find you first. At this time, the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization industry was in its infancy with self-proclaimed industry leaders touting methodologies designed to trick the Search Engines into giving rankings. All those involved with ConsultingAce from the very beginning knew that these tricks would only be short lived as Search Engines would continually adjust to these tricks or “black hat” techniques. Since none of these “so called” SEO companies of the time could provide the breadth and depth of services to our standards, we decided to research and develop our own solutions.

In 1999, after almost two years in development, ConsultingAce formally opened its doors with the straightforward intention to provide top-level, personalized Internet Marketing Services for clients. As the online industry continues to evolve, ConsultingAce continues to evolve with it by embracing the R&D (research and development) principles that founded the company – to constantly research, test, refine and expand our strategies, methodologies and tactics in order to keep our clients ahead of their competition. The Japanese call it Kaizen, the philosophy of continuous improvement.

Today, ConsultingAce remains a privately held firm dedicated to helping our clients succeed online. We are a full service company that tailors our services to meet the goals of all businesses from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. We understand the Internet bit by bit, packet to port, its moods, its society, its culture- and how to use all that knowledge to our client’s advantage. As the complexities of managing your online business continue to increase, ConsultingAce is there to help guide your company to industry dominance. We can provide your company with the experience, infrastructure and expertise it needs today.

Let us take the stress and worry out of the equation by providing clarity and guiding you through a step by step process that will allow you to fulfill your online goals. We are here to walk you through every aspect of the process and answer all your questions.

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I have worked with many SEO firms over the years before I found ConsultingAce. Over the past two years they have taught my staff how to create our website so it can rank on the search engines. They back everything up with tracking and reports. I know my ROI for my Organic Link and PPC campaigns. My traffic and rankings are way up and rising. Do you want results? Then you need


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