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Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the Foundation

What are keywords? Keywords are the foundation for just about everything you do online. Ideally, a keyword is one or more words which represent your business. True keywords are those known to be typed in on the search engines that drive traffic to a web site. Sometimes a keyword with more than one keyword in it is called a keyword phrase. In general, the word “keyword” can denote either one or more words. The important thing is that it be a keyword or phrase that is used by individuals to find a service or product on the Internet.

Why are Keywords so important? Knowing what keywords are being typed in on the search engines by those seeking your service or product is important because it will allow you to focus your website and Internet campaigns to this group. Keywords are the foundation for all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Without this knowledge, it is only a guessing game.

Why is it important to know all the keywords and not just the top traffic driving keywords? It is important to know all the possible keyword combinations being used to find your service or product because it will allow give you a complete picture of your specialized market or niche. Seeing the whole list of keywords that are actually used in your niche allows for strategic planning on a level unavailable without the research. Having a full list allows us to see patterns and find groups of keywords that drive traffic but might not have as much competition. Also, it allows us for greater flexibility in our marketing campaigns and website development programs. Without this knowledge, you cannot receive all the possible traffic your website is due.

Why do you need to use ConsultingAce for Keyword Development? Through our tried and true process outlined below, we will work with you to discover all the keywords pertinent to your industry. Don’t be fooled by other services or the so called keyword tools online. There is no tool that can easily give you a complete list of all the keywords in your industry. Many claim to be able to help, but in truth only the Internet gurus know which tools are good and which are not. Even then you must know how to use these tools to give you results that truly matter to you. The bottom line is that few firms have the time or money to check into all the keyword development tools, find the good ones, develop a process, and use appropriate procedures for finding all the keywords relating to your business. Keywords are the foundation to realizing your website’s potential and provide the gateway to the most qualified Internet traffic. The question is, “Can I leave this essential element of all our online and website efforts to chance?”

Clients who have come to us after many years of struggling on their own have been amazed to discover their true target audience!


Keyword Discovery, Research, and Development Program

Step 1 — Keyword Discovery

The goal of this first step is to end up with lists that breakdown your niche into all the keyword categories and groups that truly represent your market. The end result will be a preliminary report detailing every aspect of your market. Our experts will walk you through each step to develop the lists that will be used to find all the keyword phrases actually being typed into the search engines by your prospects. We will analyze the keywords you create, your niche, and your competition to find and confirm all the keyword possibilities. We will work with you throughout this stage to ensure that the results will be on target.

Step 2 — Competitive Traffic Keyword Report

In this step, we take all the keywords discovered in Step 1 and combine them in ways that allow us to run them through our systems. This results in a report which details as many relevant keyword combinations that are actually being typed in on the search engines everyday. This report will outline all the discovered keyword phrases as well as their corresponding competition and traffic numbers. The numbers on the report reflect the traffic and real competition as reported by the major search engines, directories, and pay per click engines. This report will allow you to create a Search Engine Keyword Tracking and Pay Per Click (PPC) Keyword List, as well as many other keyword lists that will help you market your web site effectively. We have outlined this process as simply as possible. However, it is important to understand that we work closely with our clients during this phase and that it may take up to four weeks to complete this essential work.

Step 3 — Keyword Position Report

In this step, we generate a report which uses the final Search Engine Keyword List to outline the website’s current positions, within the first three pages, on all the major search engines, directories, and pay per click engines. This report clearly shows the current rankings your site has and is good to use as a starting point to gauge all future progress.

Running a web business is not easy. I want to thank Andrew (ConsultingAce's President) for helping me understand the business and for helping me succeed.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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