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Knowledge is Power!

We offer a number of Competitive Intelligence Reports that provide information about your competitors’ web sites that will give you a strategic advantage. Having this information will give you valuable market research and analysis that you can use to develop better search engine rankings, social media traffic, more credibility, and other Internet traffic. Our services are represented in a number of different competitive information reports. Each report will help you to more fully understand your online industry, the competition, and your own web site.

Competition Link Report

Who is linking to your competition? Give us a list of your competition, and we will give you reports showing all the websites linking to those websites. These links will be verified for their accuracy. Our reports list all incoming links to the competition websites as well as the Page Rank and other useful information. You can use this information to plan your strategy on how many and what type of links it takes to be seen as the “top” in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live.com).

Fee: Pricing is dependent upon how many links you provide.
1-5: $700
5-10: $1000
10-20: $1200

Keyword Competition Link Report

Who are the most significant competitors for your top keywords and who are linking to these web sites? Get a more complete picture of your competitors for your keywords and then find out who is linking to them. There is no other report that can tell you so much to help you plan for the development of your web site. Seeing which web sites are ranked highest on Google for all of your top keywords allows you to analyze their websites for techniques, strategies, new products, and more. Knowing who is linking to each of these web sites will help you develop your own linking strategy. Also, this information will tell you how many links of what quality over what period of time will allow you to dominate the industry.

Fee: $5700

Competition Search Engine Ranking Report

Ever wanted to know how your competition is ranking on your keywords on the top search engines and directories? This report outlines every ranking by search engine along with the keyword, position, and which page the ranking appears up to the third page. You give us the keywords up to 200, and we will give you the entire search engine ranking results for any competitor. Having this information will allow you to compare your own rankings and develop strategies to dominate your industry.

Fee: $400 Each Report
Bulk orders do receive discounts. Speak to a sales representative for details.

Verified Web Site Link Report

This report is for those wanting to know who is linking to their web site. This report outlines the total number of verified incoming links recorded by Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live.com). Verified links differ from those search engines may report because their databases are usually months out of date and can contain a lot of errors. Our reports are verified for their accuracy.

Fee: $400

Web Site Search Engine Ranking Report

This report outlines your keyword rankings within the first three pages on all the major search engines, directories, and pay per click engines. This report clearly shows the current rankings your web site has and is good to use as a starting point to gauge all future progress or use as monthly bench marks.

$400 per report for 200 keywords for 25 search engines.
$350 per report for monthly reports billed quarterly with a 6 month minimum commitment.
$300 per report for monthly reports billed quarterly with a one year commitment.
For orders which have keyword lists larger than 200 or need other custom arrangements, please Contact Us for a quote based on your needs.

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