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Building web site Link Popularity in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only sure way to achieve the best organic search engine rankings today. ConsultingAce’s Link Popularity Development Program is superior to all other methods because of our holistic approach. Our link development programs include social media, document submissions as well as strategic link development.


Link Building vs. Link Popularity Development

Link building is the process of paying or trading with someone to place your link on other websites. These types of links can be reciprocal or non-reciprocal(one way).

History: Google created a website ranking system which they labeled Google Page Rank, Google PR, or “PR” for short. In the world of Linking, the higher the PR value of a website linking to a website, the more credible the website became in the eyes of Google. Link Popularity and Google Page Rank derive their results by analyzing and evaluating the incoming links to a website. Many other search engines are utilizing this information, too. Gaining incoming links shows the search engines that people like and endorse a website and the website’s appeal is broadening. The search engines have found that the more relevant websites which link to a website signifies acceptance by that community. It’s akin to reaping the benefits of online “word of mouth.” The search engines use the incoming link information along with other information they have collected to determine a website’s ultimate organic search engine rankings.

However, most link building strategies are based on taking advantage of a flaw in the search engine algorithms. As we have seen, these strategies can be short lived. Many of us have spent a lot of money over the years on various link building strategies only to wake up one day to find most, if not all, the work disqualified. This is because the search engines eventually find and fix the weakness in their algorithms because so many exploit it. Any link programs that take advantage of the search engines to artificially inflate rankings are risky and live on borrowed time. Overtime, the search engines always adjust to the people trying to abuse the system.

Today’s Search Engines are much more sophisticated than they were just a few years ago and have now reached a new level in their capacity to analyze the whole of a website’s incoming link structure. These new techniques not only allow them to detect anomalies, but also allow them to provide more accurate search results. This is why link building, link exchanges, link farms, and other such programs do not have the vitality they once had. The only answer is to grow your links online naturally over time. Analyzing a website’s incoming links is the method used by search engines to quantify the human appeal of your website. Building your Link Popularity vs. just Link Building as it has been done is essential to your website’s success.



Developing Link Popularity and Google Page Rank

ConsultingAce’s Link Popularity Development Program is superior to all other methods because we take a holistic approach to our program. First, we evaluate and study your web site, industry, and competition. Once we have the full picture, we can begin to evaluate your web site’s link structure from an informed perspective. What does the link pattern tell us? How developed is your web site compared to the competition? What key locations for links are missing? Who is linking to your web site and do they help or hurt? These are just a few of the questions we work to answer.

At this point, we develop a very specialized strategy for your web site. Remember, we at ConsultingAce do not try to fool the search engines as so many others in our profession do. Our program is based upon a philosophy of “giving them exactly what they want” in the appropriate manner. A Search Engine’s primary function is to find a web site and guide people to it.

Our basic strategy consists of placing well crafted links on websites with relevant content, good Google Page Rank (PR), and/or in locations where others may naturally find them which helps spread the word about your website (social media). We start by balancing out the current structure, trimming links that may hinder rankings, and seeding other links in key locations properly so new links have a chance to take root and spread throughout the Internet. This allows the search engines and people to find the website and if deemed worthy, the website will gain higher placement on the Search Engines, Internet Directories and Online Indexing Services. The end result will be more favorable search engine rankings for highly valued keywords. The more top search engine rankings, the more qualified website traffic; the more qualified website traffic, the more leads. More highly qualified leads mean more desired actions are taken. A desired action on a website can mean more sales, forms filled out, bookmarks saved or some other desired action.

Our Link Popularity and Social Media Development Program works to not only ensure that a website maintains and continues to develop better search engine rankings, but to accelerate the entire process. It allows a website to achieve rankings on a more diversified number of keywords than would be possible otherwise. Of course, rankings change all the time as search engines change their algorithms, but the websites that are correctly optimized and have solid social media and link popularity programs consistently appear at the top of the search engines’ organic rankings for a diverse group of top keywords.

Our Link Popularity Development Program presents your website in the right way, in the right places, and to the right people so it may develop naturally. Link Popularly can be seen as Link Marketing and is akin to real world marketing and press release programs in the sense that link marketing can take on many forms and can grow by word of mouth if done correctly. The only difference is that we are doing this solely online.

We have helped many websites start from next to nothing to ultimately gain prominence in their industry and stay there. We have taken companies who had an ancillary website to their brick and mortar business to the point where they closed the brick and mortar part of the business to become an Internet Only Company because the website became so profitable. This knowledge has led us to develop a Link Popularity Development Program of our own for our clients and for ourselves. We know that a good website is like a good resume which gets you in the door to the search engines (see our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program for more details). Once there, however, the search engines watch the web for its reaction. If people like the website, then inbound links to the website will grow naturally, and these links become online references and gain you credibility in the eyes of the search engines and Internet directories.

Link Development Process

Each link marketing campaign is a custom one. To create a program, we must collect some information about your web site. First, we spider and analyze your website. Then, we research all the pages that Google, Yahoo, and MSN have indexed. Next, we research all the incoming links Google, Yahoo, and MSN have recorded for the web site as well as for your competition. Once we have all this and other information we have collected, we analyze it and create a plan for your web site. The speed, keywords used, and pages linked are very important. We DO NOT try to fool the search engines in any way. Our goal is to grow the number and quality of incoming links naturally over time. To ensure the success of an online venture, a complete SEO strategy, including Link Popularity Development, is Key.

Incoming Link Reports

The first step in the reporting process is to provide a baseline report outlining the total number of verified incoming links recorded by Google, Yahoo, and MSN before the program begins. Verified Links differ from those search engines may report because their databases are usually months out of date and can contain a lot of errors. Our reports are verified for their accuracy.

Every month, we issue a comprehensive report showing all the incoming links on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This includes the URL of the incoming link, the page it’s linking to, as well as the associated Google Page Rank (PR) for the page on which the incoming link is found. An analysis of the reports over time will show the growth and trends. All the results in the report can be independently verified for their accuracy.

Why Websites Need Our Link Popularity and Social Media Development Program

Our Link Popularity and Social Media Development Program work in conjunction with our SEO and Keyword Development programs. They work together to present search engines with the highest overall positive picture of your website. Keyword Development is the foundation of all SEO programs and most Internet Marketing Campaigns. Link Popularity and Social Media Development accelerates the speed and number of rankings a website can attain based on your keywords. Our program works hand in hand with our Keyword and SEO program. Of course, links do occur naturally, however just because a link exists does not mean a search engine knows about its location. Communicating these facts, developing an overall strategy and implementing the strategy without triggering unwanted reactions from the search engines is a delicate art only the truly qualified should undertake. This is because you only have one shot at doing some things right from the start. If you do them wrong, it can mean total banishment from some search engines, Internet directories, online indexing services, as well as key social media websites.

With our Link Popularity Development Program, you are assured of three things:

  1. A Faster Growth Curve — We put your web site on the fast track to growth by showing the search engines that people approve of the website and new rankings are justified.
  2. Stability — Rankings fluctuate all the time. Search engines grant rankings to new web sites to see if people like them or not. However, web sites with an established link structure that are already popular are much harder to “dethrone” as search engines reward web sites that have been proven popular over a long time.
  3. A Watchful Eye — The web is ever evolving and our Link Popularity Development Program is yet another tool that we use to watch for problems. Consider it an early warning system. If problems arise, they are often noticed here long before seeing a problem with the rankings. Monitoring incoming links gives us a great tool to ensure the longevity and the long term success of a web site.
Linking is an important part of a business on the web. For many of our clients, their website IS their business, and there are just some things you can’t afford to leave to chance!

Exclusivity and Limited Availability

  • We only allow one client per market niche. This means that a client always receives exclusive priority in the placement and choice of content.
  • We limit the number of new clients we take on per month so that we can assure them our full attention.
  • We do not accept pornography, hate, spam or gambling websites under any circumstances.

Link Popularity Development Services Pricing

  • Term: Annual
  • Pricing: To be determined on a case by case basis. Minimum fees: $1000 Setup /$1000 monthly.
  • Note: Certain SEO Programs will include this service for free.

Develop your Web Site’s Link Popularity Now

The only way to be successful online is to adopt a holistic and long term approach. The first step is to understand the keywords that are actually being typed in on the search engines by people who want a product or service. The next steps are to optimize the web site for the search engines and then develop a solid link popularity and social media marketing strategy. The only tried and true way to achieve success on the search engines is to show up on the top three (3) pages for your targeted keywords within the organic rankings. Most web sites need help in this area. Starting our program sooner rather than later will mean success will happen that much faster.

To find out more information about this or any other of our programs feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Why Our Link Popularity Development Program is Superior

In order to accurately compare Link Development Programs, you must be able to discern the differences between them. Here is a quick list of what we do and why we know it is the best program of its kind.

  • PR+: Each Link is created to add to your website’s Link Popularity and Google Page Rank either by itself or by links it spawns.
  • Rankings+: Our program adds to your website’s link popularity rating which in turn helps the website’s ability to gain top rankings on a more diversified group of keywords on the search engines and directories. Our program can mean the difference between a few rankings on a couple of keywords to many rankings on a wide range of the most valuable traffic driven keywords in your niche. Our program will accelerate the speed at which a website will gain top and diversified rankings on the search engines and directories.
  • Human Care: We place links by hand. Our experts evaluate each website’s potential personally; we do not use automated tools to place links.
  • Verification: We verify incoming links reported by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We verify the existence of incoming links and keep an eye on them over time. It is the verified links that are important to building a solid link foundation.
  • Reports: We provide detailed monthly link reports which can be independently verified. We provide a baseline report which shows the number of links the website has before we begin our work as well as a monthly report to track the progress.
    Please note: There is a natural variance in incoming link reports depending on the region of the country. This is normal. Each search engine has multiple data centers throughout the country, and each one yields slightly different results from the others.
  • References: Since, in a sense, the search engines are using incoming links as a reference checking tool, joining our program will ensure that your website is continually seen in the best light.
  • Ad Value: Implementing our comprehensive incoming link program is akin to having many mini- marketing ads in the best and most relevant locations all over the Internet with each link/mini ad bringing in traffic and business to the website all on its own.
  • Customized Program: We customize each program according to the industry and the needs of the particular website. While the methodology is similar for each website, we are not a boiler plate shop. The speed at which the incoming links are created will be naturally random and relative to your website’s stage of development and niche.
  • Keywords: Anchor text is created using your keyword phrase list. Not all the anchor text of the links will be the same.
  • Video and Audio Links: We can direct traffic to audio (Pod Casts) and video content, adding even more value to the website as well as click appeal.
  • Only the Best: We DO NOT use any black-hat or illicit means to promote links. We do not create reciprocal links or participate in link farms, exchanges or FFA link programs.
  • Check the Results: Links can be independently verified and tracked for trends from the monthly reports we provide.
  • Networking: Our incoming linking services will place many links in industry relevant locations. Thus, all the incoming links become a great networking tool reaching individuals and companies who might not otherwise have found your website or business.
  • Legitimacy: Our link program will add to your website’s legitimacy as judged by the search engines and the niche community because of the locations, speed, and way in which we create the incoming links.
  • Only One-Way Links: All the incoming links we create will be one-way (non-reciprocal) links.
  • Content Text Links: Some incoming links will be contained within content.
  • Expert Placement: We use our proprietary knowledge and tools to ensure the best exposure.
  • Synergy: While each of our programs (Keyword Development, SEO, and Link Popularity Development) are effective individually, together they are greater than the sum of their parts.
  • 1000+ Pages: We work with up to 1000+ pages of a website. You can choose the web pages. All incoming links created are directed to a relevant page within the 1000+. Includes linking to audio and video.
  • Personalized Service: We are a company that prides itself on the personal touch. We always strive to go that extra mile to provide our clients with a truly best in class performance and service. Your Success is our Success!

For all these reasons, joining our program will generate more traffic, leads, and business.

We thought we could only get good rankings on a couple of keywords. You have gotten us top rankings on hundreds of our best keywords on major search engines!


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