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Webmaster Services

Someone to Watch Over Me

Now that you have a website, do you need someone to watch over the website and perform basic duties and updates? Basic webmaster services can include website monitoring, web log review, website planning, third party vendor management assistance, maintenance, backups, content changes, updates, and other services customized for you. This service does not include translation, SEO, higher level graphic design or other high level technical work.

Our webmaster service is designed to help manage your website, look out for potential problems, and help implement your plans. While we do some updates and fixing on a limited basis, a Webmaster Service coordinates with all third parties and ensures that your needs are met and the work gets done. A Webmaster is meant to be your right hand, ears, and eyes when it comes to the vitality of your website. Every website has unique needs so we customize each program based on your needs.

  • Have you ever felt alone trying to figure out the complexities of website and Internet marketing?
  • Do you need someone to do some small updates to your website now and then?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone looking at all the logs and check the website all the time?
  • Do you need someone to help you coordinate with all the 3rd party vendors whose technical language is beyond your understanding?
  • Do you need help dealing with all issues related to running a website?

Our Webmaster Program gives you a person you can contact about all your website needs. We offer very flexible pricing programs and base everything on your projected needs. We customize every program based on many elements such as the type of website, database, server, projected update schedule, and goals. Please feel free to Contact Us for more information. Most of our custom Webmaster Service programs include retainers based on your monthly needs and then additional hourly rates if more is needed. Part of the retainer will cover the normal monthly maintenance. From there, you lock in a low hourly rate based on your needs. See your ConsultingAce today for a customized quote for your website.


When I was asked to provide a quote for ConsultingAce's new web site, at first I was a bit reluctant. Not because they haven't earned it, but because I like to think of them as my "little secret."

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SEO Document Management

Mission Critical Files No One Sees
SEO documents include Site Maps, Robot Files, Data Feeds and more. These mission critical documents need to be created, updated, checked and verified regularly or your website and your bottom-line will suffer. Don’t leave these mission critical files and processes to chance. Have our webmasters review, create or update your critical files today!

301 Redirects

301 Redirect Properly
BEWARE! Most hosting companies do not 301 redirect properly. Proper use of 301 redirects can benefit your SEO program by giving your website full credit for that domain. In addition, we can setup “short-cut” domains that point to your main domain.

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Website Uptime Monitoring

What Goes Up Shouldn’t Come Down
Our Website Uptime Monitoring Service includes a global network of monitoring servers running protocol based tests at specific times 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This is to ensure that your users can reach your website. If there is more than one location unable to connect, we notify you by email or SMS.

Web Log Review

First Signs of Trouble
Your weblogs or error logs are usually the first sign that there is a problem with your website – invalid links, database errors, security logs, programming errors, hacking attempts, web server errors, etc. Our webmasters have years of experience sifting through these logs. Let us help you ensure that your website is functioning well under the hood.

Website Maintenance

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date
Many companies do not maintain a dedicated web development staff and find it difficult to update and maintain an SEO optimized website. We can help you with simple to complex updates as well as regular maintenance. Let our professional team of expert project managers, artists, coders and quality control personnel ensure that your update is done right the first time.

Backup Service

Don’t Risk Losing Everything!
Website Backups are an absolute necessity. Horror stories abound, but even if your website never goes down, having access to your policies page from 2 years ago might be important. Let us help you setup a backup regimen that not only covers you in the event of a catastrophic loss, but from those inconvenient daily issues.

3rd Party Vendor Management

Let Us Manager Your Vendors
Every website uses a number of services: Website Hosting, Domain Hosting, Graphic designers, Coders, SEO companies, writers and more. We can help manage and organize all these relationships so you can concentrate on your business.

Traffic Analysis

To Flow or Not To Flow
Tracking the flow of visitors through your website is essential for a website to be successful. We can help you implement a tracking solution and analyze the results to determine which parts of your site work well for visitors and which parts don’t. Let us help you convert more visitors into customers.