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Website Development

“The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of its Parts”

ConsultingAce has separated the creation of a new website into seven distinct stages with Project Management the foundation for all of them. This was done to help eliminate the confusion, delays, mission creep, and misunderstandings that are so typical of most website development projects. This process saves you time and money by eliminating the waste and per hour fees that seem to have no end. You will know exactly what stage the website is in at every step.

The reason our services are superior to any other website development company is simply because we work in a holistic manner. This means that we take everything into consideration from the outset. Our process includes, but is not limited to, the latest usability findings, your target audience and long term goals, SEO techniques, and the most advanced website code. In the end, having ConsultingAce build your website from the ground up means that you will have a website designed to the highest levels.

Each of the services below is part of a package or can be purchased individually. These stages of full service website development consist of:


Website Planning

Measure Twice – Cut Once
A detailed website development plan will greatly reduce your overall costs. Like an architect, our step-by-step process guides clients through usability, navigation, layout, design elements, color palettes, content, custom programming, functionality, SEO, Keywords and more to blueprint your website.

Website Programming

Build a Better Mouse Trap…
Our development staff can convert artwork into optimized HTML/CSS templates, integrate Open Source, CMS, eCommerce, Blog, Forum, Helpdesk or create a custom solution into a new or existing website. Not all programming is created equal. There is a right way and a wrong way. All our solutions are W3C and SEO compliant.

Content Inclusion

Display Content Right the First Time
Content comes in all shapes and sizes – from emails, word documents, PSD, PDF, Excel files to drawings on napkins. Organizing and preparing that information for proper web display is not a simple task. Even the best CMS systems don’t do everything well. Our Content Inclusion Services ensures that everything displays as intended and still meets our validation and SEO standards.

Design Services

One Size Does NOT Fit All
Everyone has different likes and dislikes regarding website design. For this reason, we augment our dedicated in-house design staff with many design firms and individual artists to provide clients with the “look and feel” they are after. Whether your needs are simple or complex, we have the designer solution for you.

Website Construction

Inspect Before Moving In
Building-out your website before adding content is a critical step that most companies fail to do. It is the mid-point inspection. This phase allows clients to evaluate the integration of design, navigation, functionality and usability elements BEFORE the content phase begins. It is the best last chance to make adjustments before moving in.

Hosting Services

Not all Hosting Companies are Created Equal
There are many things to consider when choosing a hosting company aside from price – customer service, uptime, application support, virtual vs. dedicated servers, mail, exchange services, disaster recovery, co-location and online and offline backup methodologies. We have worked with many such companies over the years and have found that no one service is right for everyone. Let us help you find the best solution for your company.