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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ. If you don’t see a question you wish to ask, please feel free to Contact Us and we will do our best to answer you and update this page. We hope you find this information useful.


How do ConsultingAce’s Internet Marketing Programs help make your business recession proof?

During a downturn in the economy, many pull back or stop strategic development and marketing. This tactic only places more limits on their business opportunities. The key to success during any economic downturn is to take advantage of the reduced competition opportunity by allocating resources wisely. Since Internet Marketing is the most cost effective and wide reaching form of advertising globally, the wise thing is to focus time and resources here. Careful and strategic expansion of key Internet marketing elements and coverage during a downturn will mean you will reach more potential clients effectively. Reaching more customers means more opportunities. More opportunities can stem the loss during an economic downturn. Internet marketing done effectively can stop any loss of business and may even help the business to grow. Also, as the downturn ebbs and eventually ends, you will be in a better position to benefit because you have continued to develop your key marketing elements and coverage. Our programs, strategies, and advice will help you create a recession proof business that will withstand the test of time.



How do I contact you?
You can contact ConsultingAce by filling out a Contact Us form or calling us toll free at 877 778 7719.



How important is my Website?

Websites have become more than just a secondary marketing tool. They say you only have one chance to make a good impression. In today’s world, a company’s website is the first impression that most customers receive when considering a company for the first time. Along with being your primary face to the world, the website can be a company’s main marketing tool, providing an endless source of leads. Also, websites can be sources of multiple revenue streams through the sale of items, referrals through affiliate programs, as well as other revenue generating elements. Additionally, some websites can handle or assist in other tasks such as accounting, sales staff management, document management, marketing documents, and many other organizational tasks. A website has become the core of most companies. ConsultingAce’s experience and expertise in Internet Marketing and Website Development is what makes us the only choice when it comes to such a critical resource as your company’s website.



Where and what are your prices?

We have different pricing packages for each program. If a price is not listed, it most likely means that a custom quote needs to be made for that type of service. Most of our pricing is performance based and come with money back guarantees.



Where do I start?
The first step is to realize that you need help. Look through our website to see the different types of services we offer as well as who we are. Once you are satisfied that we can meet your needs, please Contact Us, and we will help you through the process. Since keywords are the foundation for every good website, usually we begin by determining your keywords, fixing your website, and performing other duties on and offline. Rest assured, our experts are here to guide you through the process every step of the way.



Why do I need an Expert?
All who know how critical first impressions are don’t leave their business website to chance but hire experts instead. Since a website can double as a strategic marketing tool, it is more critical than ever to have experts on your side who not only understand how to create a superior website but understand how to build it to the standards that allow for maximum Internet Marketing exposure. All our programs work together to create a seamless program that will ensure the best first impression and marketability of your website.



Why does Marketing on the Internet make it a website’s most effective and affordable form of advertising in the world today?
Our programs are very inexpensive and affordable when compared to other companies, mainstream advertising media, or attempting to do this in-house. Few could effectively duplicate our efforts, and most don’t have the expertise and experience to know where to begin. When you do a true “apples to apples” comparison, ConsultingAce offers more value than any other program on the market. Search Engine Rankings are akin, in real world marketing terms, to having a feature on the cover of all major magazines and a large ad inside that everyone turns to when they need your product or service. A single half page ad in a national magazine can cost $5,000, and we won’t even mention the cost of single TV and radio ads. None of which is as powerful as the Internet. The main difference is that when people are using the search engines, they are looking for you, while in most other formats, they have to remember you. We provide much better coverage for you by attaining rankings on the largest and most powerful advertising medium in the world. Not only will you be on the top of the most used advertising resource ever created, but you will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is nothing else that can surpass the advertising reach of the Internet for so little cost. We have the infrastructure, knowledge, and ability to serve you immediately. There is no learning curve. Our customized programs are designed to be affordable while providing you with results that are impossible to beat.



Why is ConsultingAce better than the rest?
For a complete list of reasons, please visit our Why Us page. Simply put, our programs are superior to the competition in that we are accountable, reliable, responsible, secure, affordable, and proven experts in Internet Marketing and Website Development. Additionally, we have great customer service and money back guarantees.

Running a web business is not easy. I want to thank Andrew (ConsultingAce's President) for helping me understand the business and for helping me succeed.

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